Parking Structures

City of Mesa Police and Courts Parking Structure

Podolsky designed this three-level precast concrete parking structure for the City of Mesa Police and Courts. One level is below grade with sufficient clearance to house the Police Department command and SWAT command vehicles. The upper deck was designed to accommodate a heliport landing pad. A natural ventilation solution was devised to achieve the ventilation requirement in lieu of the need for mechanical ventilation. The brick in the spandrel panels was selected to match the adjacent courts and police administration building. The foundation system design includes both vertical and horizontal expansion. The parking structure accommodates 557 vehicles.

Police-Courts Parking structure_1.jpgPolice-Courts Parking structure_2.jpgPolice-Courts Parking structure_3.jpg


MacDonald Street Parking Structure – Mesa AZ

Podolsky designed this mixed-use parking structure  in Mesa Az. featuring both parking and retail. The exterior precast concrete is stained a terra cotta color with sandblasted concrete for articulation and detail. The color palette and articulation were selected to compliment an adjacent remodeled office building in the downtown Mesa area. The parking structure accommodates 396 vehicles.

Public Works Parking Structure: Tucson, AZ

Podolsky designed this six-level parking structure in downtown Tucson. A key component of the design process was to work in concert with the architect for the YMCA that is beneath the parking structure in order to develop structural components such as column and shear wall locations that would not hinder space planning for the YMCA. Consideration was also given to the accessibility to the future office building planned to be built later above the parking structure. It was designed with minimal use of exterior materials as to not compete with the varied palette of materials used on the surrounding buildings. The parking structure accommodates 697 vehicles.